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Ming-Ai - Middlesex University MA in Chinese Cultural Heritage Management

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Mandarin or Cantonese) is a  teacher training programme which aims to train well qualified Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) teachers in order to cope with the fast growing demand of Chinese teachers in the UK. This programme emphasizes practical skills and effective strategies for teaching groups, individuals, adults and children.

The course is suitable for those who wish to become Chinese teachers and also for teachers who want to refresh and enhance their teaching techniques. Certificate of Achievement issued by Ming-Ai (London) Institute will only be given to successful students (pass compulsory and overall assessments and meet 80% or above attendance rate).

All students will have a chance to become tutors of Ming-Ai (London) Institute and be recommended to other educational institutes. Some students in our previous Mandarin Teacher Training Courses have become our tutors now and some of them have got  jobs in UK schools, Chinese Community schools or being a private tutors.

Course Details:

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Mandarin)     Course Code  :  TT01

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Cantonese)   Course Code  :  TT02

Term Time:

The course normally runs three terms each year.

Spring Term (13 weeks) : Saturdays between February- May

Summer Intensive Term (13 days): everyday (normally weekdays) in July
This course (summer term 2015) is cancelled. The autumn term (Sept-Dec 2015) will start as scheduled.

Autumn Term (13 weeks): Saturdays between September - December


1. The course aims to provide "training, practice, job opportunity" to our students. Certificates will be awarded to students who successfully complete the course. They will have a chance to become the tutors of Ming-Ai (London) Institute and be recommended to other educational institutes.

2. The course is comprehensive and practical. Students have chance to practice what they have learned in Mock teaching sessions.

3. All tutors are qualified and experienced TCFL teachers with brilliant experience in teaching Mandarin course for English-speaking learners. All are native speakers and most are currently teaching Mandarin courses in the universities of the UK.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the programme, students should be able to demonstrate.


  • a critical understanding of key issues in Chinese language pedagogy in relation to general theories of foreign and second language teaching and learning;
  • conceptual overall knowledge about specific areas of Chinese language in relation to the teaching and learning of the language;
  • to carry out independent research into Chinese teaching methodologies, practices and materials, and effectively relate the findings to a wider audience;


  • an ability to critically analyse Chinese teaching methodologies, practices and materials;
  • to apply academic analysis of Chinese language pedagogy directly onto the practice of teaching Chinese in the language classroom;
  • an ability to teach Chinese in different approaches, e.g. communication-based, grammar- translation approach, and discuss and reflect on such teaching experiences;
  • to evaluate their own teaching and its effectiveness from the learner's point of view;
  • to develop problem-solving skills in motivating different learners and facilitating effective learning of Chinese by English speakers and managing classes;
  • to develop decision-making skills in complex and unpredictable classroom environment;
  • to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions of Chinese learning to different levels of learners;


Entry Requirements:

For Mandarin Teacher Training Course (TT01), applicants must be at least 18. They should be Mandarin native speakers or near native speakers. They should be good in Mandarin (spoken and written) and English. Students need to do assignments, essays and examination in English.

For Cantonese Teacher Training Course (TT02), applicants must be at least 18. They should be Cantonese native speakers or near native speakers. They should be good in Chinese (Cantonese) and English. Students need to do assignments, essays and examination in English. They should understand and speak Mandarin because most lectures will be conducted in Mandarin.  

Interviews or assessments will be arranged if needed before the application is accepted. 

What Our Graduates Say

"I have completed a postgraduate course at the School of Oriental and African Studies in MA Theory and Practice of Translation. Afterward, I attended the Mandarin teacher training course at Ming-Ai (London) Institute. It is an absolutely brilliant course. For some one that has the passion in teaching and looking forward to taking teacher as her/his career, it would be great idea to take this course. The course content covered both academic knowledge of Chinese language and practical teaching techniques. I found it particularly useful to be given hints and tips of class management by tutors with over years experiences of teaching Chinese language as a foreign language at universities, secondary schools and colleges. I have taken these tips and implemented them when running my classes. It was a very enjoyable course which has given me the hands on experience I needed. I feel a lot more confident and my lessons now have a much improved structure and content. Ming-Ai (London) Institute also provided an opportunity for me to become a Mandarin tutor with them. Becoming a Mandarin tutor with Ming-Ai has been enjoyable, challenging and rewarding."

Ms HongHua SHEN
MA in Theory and Practice of Translation of SOAS University
Part-time Mandarin Teacher in Ming-Ai


"Many thanks to Mandarin Teacher Training Course in Ming-Ai Institute, the course was designed and co-ordinated exceptionally well and focused directly on teaching Mandarin to any level of audience. Ming-Ai has an extremely helpful staff members and an outstanding team of tutors who delivered not only Mandarin academic knowledge using their lifelong teaching experience to me, but also helped me find several Mandarin teaching opportunities in London. I am honoured to be now one of part-time Mandarin teachers in Ming-Ai, as it has commenced my Mandarin teaching career in UK and fulfilled my dream of becoming a language teacher."

Yuan Yuan LI
MSc International Hospitality Management (UK)
Full-time Sale Specialist in Mulberry
Part-time Mandarin Teacher in Ming-Ai and Chinese Community School


"The course content/syllabus was excellent (with detailed and historic references to the origins of Chinese culture and grammar). The highly qualified tutors were inspiring. I enjoyed very much hearing about their experiences of teaching within secondary and further education. Attending the course was very convenient (central location and weekend classes). Excellent value (particularly with the financial savings of the scholarship!) Genuine teaching opportunities to teach at the college became available on graduation. I highly recommend this course and The Ming-Ai Institute!"

Ms HaiYan YIN
Part-time Mandarin teacher in London


"As a native speaker, I have the passion and instinct on teaching my language, but have always been worried about the lacking of the teaching methods and classroom tips that can only be obtained from a proper training. I am very glad to choose this course which gave me a rare chance to have the professional advices and practical suggestions from very experienced teachers on teaching Mandarin as a foreign language. The efficiency of the course-running by the staff from the institute is another key to the success of this course, which can be felt throughout all of the sessions. To anyone who seriously consider taking the Mandarin teaching job, this is an invaluable and essential step towards the actual teaching practice. I am eagerly looking forward to practice my skills from the course now!''

Ms Yi LI
PhD student of SOAS university